We would like to welcome you to our new brewery pub - with its seating areas "Storchennest", "Pferdestall" and "Heuboden" - for pre-lunch drinks and after work, for parties and celebrating ... or just for meeting friends in a cosy, laid-back atmosphere.


In the brewery pub we offer you fresh, rustic and untreated beer. "Original-Dammenbräu" - that's the name of our homemade beer. The beer is served before filtration. Yeast and minerals make it delicious and refreshing as well as good for you. "You buy fresh bread in the bakery and here you get fresh beer."

We always serve a "Helles" (Original-Dammenbräu, a lighter beer) and a "Hefeweizen" (Original-Daummenbräu wheat beer) on draught, along with seasonal beers.

Dammenbräu Hell - We brew the "Helles" in our 10 hl brewhouse using a traditional brewery process and premium ingredients. The pale barley malt from Lahr, caramel malt and selected hops from Hallertau give it a unique and full-flavoured taste. After a long and cold fermentation period it is ready to be poured out directly and unfiltered.

Dammenbräu Hefeweizen - The "Weizenbier" consisting of 60 % pale wheat malt and 40 % barley malt from Lahr is brewed according to a traditional brewery process for wheat beer. This process creates flavours that conjure up the taste of bananas, cloves and ripe fruits, making this a unique beer drinking experience.

Dammenbräu Special - We brew special seasonal beers - from Christmas beet to "Hexenbräu", from pumpkin beer to chestnut beer - don't hesitate to ask for our latest beers!

We are usually open Monday to Sunday from 11 am to 12 pm - with pre-lunch drinks as well as lunch and dinner and light cold meals from our brewery pub menu.

You can also enjoy our tasty beers at home or purchase them as an exclusive gift:      1l, 2l or 3l bottles as well as 10 l, 20 l or 30 l kegs to take away